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Garlic Beef 1.25oz

Garlic Beef 1.25oz

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Our crispy garlic beef jerky uses ponzu based marinade that gives a hint of citrus and garlic. Yes garlic, with tons of bold, garlic-infused flavor in every bite. If you are a GARLIC LOVER, you will love this flavor.

Beef is thinly sliced and dried out until there is almost no water. Our crispy jerky takes away most of the water making it about 60% protein. With little water, it actually eats like a potato chip.

  • Our crispy beef jerky is made with premium ingredients.

  • Every batch is sampled and tested to insure the same consistency and quality in each and every single bag of our jerky.

  • Made in the USA

  • USDA inspected

  • The perfect on-the-go protein snack to take with you

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